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About Us


Court Buddy was created by co-founders James Jones Jr. and Kristina Jones and launched in 2015. As an attorney frequently appearing in Florida courts, James spent years witnessing firsthand the frustration that judges and other courthouse employees had with people who were appearing in court without an attorney, but who clearly needed help and guidance with their cases.  After meeting and speaking with several people of all backgrounds at courthouses throughout Florida, James discovered that people needed attorneys, but could not afford them or could not find them and were therefore handling their legal matters themselves, which often turned out to be a very bad decision with fatal consequences to their case.

On the other hand, seasoned attorneys were frustrated because they could not find enough clients willing to pay their fees and therefore generate revenue for themselves or law firms to cover their business expenses in increasingly competitive and oversaturated legal markets. Furthermore, the increasing number of attorneys admitted to the bar each year without jobs throughout the country meant that attorneys were forced to open their own law firms and discover new ways to get clients.

James soon shared with Kristina the idea of creating a platform where potential clients with actual or potential court cases and legal issues can find attorneys whenever they want, based on their budget and needs, and where attorneys can market their practice, get clients, and generate revenue to cover their business expenses without spending a lot of money.  Kristina took the idea and added her own vision and creativity, such as giving attorneys and clients a platform to build long-term attorney-client relationships by first working together on limited a-la-carte legal matters at flat rates. Working alongside James, Court Buddy was born.

Our mission is to provide people and businesses with access to an attorney when needed, regardless of their financial status. Our mission is also to provide solo practitioners and attorneys who aspire to have their own law firm with a platform where they can instantly get clients to generate revenue for themselves and their law firm.  Starting in Florida and now throughout the Southeast, California, New York, Texas, and several other states, we have a goal of setting new standards in the legal industry by providing our unique patent-pending matchmaking service to anyone anywhere in the world to ensure fulfillment of our mission.

Court Buddy is committed to the values of providing good, quality services to its users and to building long-lasting relationships with its users.  Without our customers, we would not exist.  To that end, we constantly update and improve our services based on the feedback we receive from you so that we can continue to earn your trust and business. Together, we work better.

Court Buddy is proud to be recognized worldwide for the following awards:

Winner | 2017 American Bar Association's Louis M. Brown Select Award For Legal Access
Top 3 Legal Tech Company In America | Above The Law, American Bar Association
Finalist | 2017 Inaugural ABA Tech Show's Startup Alley, American Bar Association
Winner | 2016 American Entrepreneurship Award


2015, 2016 Finalist | Emerge Americas


People's Pick Winner | 2015 Miami Herald Business Challenge

Finalist | 2016 Greater Miami Chamber Of Commerce Tech Leader Of The Year

Finalist | 2016 Silicon Valley Global Tech Symposium/Global Innovation Competition

Finalist | 2016 PowerMoves Pitch


Final Four | 2015 BE Elevator Pitch-Atlanta


CourtBuddy Chat is an instant messaging, video chat, and phone app now available exclusively for Court Buddy members. The app was created so that you can chat with your matches on-demand anytime, anywhere.

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