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Unbundled legal services at flat rates
based on your budget.

Millions instantly matched with state bar-licensed attorneys.

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From single court appearances to full case representation, get instantly matched with vetted local solo attorneys based on your budget.

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No retainers or hourly fees.

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Attorneys are state bar licensed, pre-screened and waiting to hear from you.

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Unbundled services available

From single court appearances to single document review or drafting. Get only what you need.

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What Our Users Are Saying

“Court Buddy has made a difficult time for my family more bearable. Looking online for lawyers is a grueling process. Court Buddy bypasses all.”

- Danielle L.

New York

“So easy to use and not full of ads and unwanted things.”

- Deep P.


“Talk about simple! I found my attorney on and she was able to draft and execute our will and testament. I felt comfortable working with her and messaging her anytime I needed to.”

- Rita M.


“Helpful in finding an affordable lawyer for someone who is on a very tight budget.”

- Oder A.


“Recently learned of this site. ease of use is commendable. definitely makes finding a per diem attorney easier”

- Cuvas E.

New York

“Super easy and trustworthy. I would recommend them anytime.”

- Cathy P.


Areas of Law

Family Law

Divorce, Custody, Domestic Violence

Criminal Law

Felonies, Misdemeanors, Infractions


Contracts, Intellectual Property, Startups


DUIs, Speeding, Parking

Personal Injury

Injury to Person, Injury to Employee


Discrimination, Harassment, Termination

Trusts & Estates

Wills, Trusts, Estates

Financial Counseling / Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy, Debt Collection, Defense

Real Estate

Buying, Selling, Foreclosure

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Have Questions?

Great, we have answers.

Can I use Court Buddy for free?

Yes! Signing up for Court Buddy is free. No payment information and no credit card is required to sign up. Payment is needed only after you have selected an attorney and agreed on services needed based on flat rates.

Does Court Buddy give legal advice?

No. Court Buddy is neither a lawyer nor a law firm and therefore cannot give legal advice. Only attorneys on our platform can provide legal advice.

Will any of the information I provide to Court Buddy be shared?

All information provided to Court Buddy or shared on Court Buddy's messaging board remains private and confidential. Only you have the option of sharing your information. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

Is Court Buddy a lawyer referral service or law firm?

No, Court Buddy is an automated online-based matchmaking service that matches users with attorneys that can handle their potential or pending case, issue, or matter.

Does Court Buddy have a mobile app?

Yes! Court Buddy Chat allows you to access any conversation between you and your attorney, whether by call, message, or chat. It is available exclusively for Court Buddy members on iOS and Android. The app was created so that you can chat with your matches on-demand, morning, afternoon, or night.

Can I get matched with an attorney in a state or area other than where I live?

Yes, you can use Court Buddy to get matched with attorneys outside of your state or county, as long as you’ve added the state or county to your profile.

Court Buddy's Mission

Court Buddy's Mission:

We are here to help you find an attorney regardless of your financial situation. The American legal system is built on the principle of “justice for all.”

But most disputes are decided based on who can afford to fight for their rights. We’re here to help you find an attorney and get help in a way that works for your budget.

With Court Buddy, nobody has to walk into court alone.

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