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What is Court Buddy?

Court Buddy is an online platform that matches clients with attorneys for legal services based on the clients' needs, the attorneys' expertise and experience, and the clients' and attorneys' location.  Lawyers use Court Buddy to offer civil, criminal defense, and business legal services to clients at set, fixed rates.

How does Court Buddy work?

To get started using Court Buddy to find a lawyer, the first step is to visit our site, www.courtbuddy.com, and answer the questions asked. You'll be asked for your name, email, phone number, location, and what type of legal problem you have. After filling out some general information and verifying there are attorneys available to help you, you'll be prompted to make a payment for a consultation and first service. Once your payment has been made, the funds will be held securely for you until the work is done and you agree to release the funds to your attorney. You'll fill out one last form to provide specific details regarding your case. Once we've matched you with a specific attorney, that attorney will reach out to you, usually within 1-3 hours.  If you need help or to be rematched, our Customer Success team will assist you.   

How much will this cost?

When you use Court Buddy, you can purchase one legal service at a time, and each service will be provided to you at a set, fixed rate.  So, for example, you can purchase a legal consultation and one service (such as having a lawyer go to court for you for a set price), or you can purchase more than one service (if you need your attorney to handle your entire case).  Typically, your first service (such as a legal consultation and coaching) will be provided at a lower rate than subsequent services.  Our overall goal is to make legal services more affordable for families, individuals, and small business owners by doing away with the need for steep retainers and hourly rates.

How quickly will an attorney get back to me?

We know your legal problem is urgent, and we work with our attorney members to ensure they are responsive.  Once you have been matched with an attorney and paid for your first legal service, the first attorney who is available to work on your case should contact you with 1-3 hours that same business day.  Thereafter, once you are working with your attorney, they should respond to you within 24 hours.  The Court Buddy message board and CourtBuddy Chat® app are provided to ensure secure, quick and efficient communication between attorneys and clients.  If your attorney is not being responsive, please contact our Customer Success team and we will work with you to resolve the situation and, if needed, match you to another attorney.


Why do I pay for my first service before I speak with my attorney?

Attorneys are available and ready to get started working for you, but in order for them to know you are serious, they ask that you provide the money to pay for your first service in advance.  Court Buddy securely holds the funds for you, and they will be returned to you if you are not matched with an attorney who can work for you.  You remain in control of the funds: they are not released to the attorney until the work is done and you authorize payment.

How does an attorney get assigned to me?

We utilize a double-blind matching algorithm to match clients with attorneys who have the experience and expertise to handle their case.  We also match clients and attorneys who are in the same location, so they can easily work together.  Before an attorney contacts you, they will have reviewed the information you provide, as well as the case deadlines, so that they can confirm they are available to help you.

How do you choose attorneys for Court Buddy?

We work hard to find attorneys with the needed experience and expertise, in a variety of locations, to make sure we can provide quality matches.  All of our attorneys are vetted by Court Buddy to ensure their licenses are in good standing with their Bar Associations and that they have no record of discipline against them.

What if I don't like the first attorney who I was matched with?

If you don’t like the first attorney who you were matched with, you don’t have to work with that attorney.  There are usually several available attorneys to choose from.  Simply contact us at (866)653-3017

Can I get free legal services on Court Buddy?

While we work hard to make legal services affordable, our attorneys do not use Court Buddy to offer "pro bono," or free legal services.  We find that our fixed-rate, per service approach does help most people afford legal services, and if you continue to work with your attorney, you will continue to pay set, fixed amounts.  If that doesn't work you and you truly cannot afford to pay anything for an attorney, legal aid is sometimes available to help.  You can contact your state bar association to learn more.

What if I want to work with my attorney again?

You can continue to work with your attorney on your case, and you can always retain attorneys that you were matched with again for another case.  You can do that through Court Buddy, continuing to use our secure message board, our CourtBuddy Chat® app, and our CB Direct Pay system.

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Call us toll-free at (866) 653-3017 to speak with a Client Success Specialist today.

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