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What Kind Of Lawyer Do I Need?

What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need?

Are you stressed out over a dispute with someone else, or are you in a position where you need to protect your family, your home, your livelihood, your finances, or something else? It’s likely time to consult a lawyer. A lawyer will help you make a plan and will fight for your legal rights. Most people don’t realize what their legal rights are, and even if they do, they may be unsure how to assert them.  


A lawyer does a whole lot more than simply stand by your side in court. A lawyer will give you advice and help you understand your rights. They will help you strategize and execute on a plan. No matter what legal problem you’re having, a lawyer will negotiate a resolution to a dispute outside of court, and even go into court on your behalf so you don’t have to go. As a general guideline, you should not go into court alone, and certainly not without having obtained a lawyer’s advice. But how do you know which lawyer to hire?


You’ve taken the right first step by coming to Court Buddy. We can help you find an attorney with the right experience near you. However, sometimes, even when you know you have a serious problem and could use a lawyer, there are so many legal practice areas that it can be difficult to know exactly what type of lawyer you need. In general, an attorney will focus their practice on an area of law such as family law, and then, within that area of law, they will have specific experience and expertise handling certain issues such as adoption or divorce. It is important that both you and your attorney are comfortable that they have the ability to handle your particular issue.


Below we describe the areas of law practiced by the attorneys we can match you with on Court Buddy, as well as the types of specialized services they offer.  They might be able to assist you with other things as well, but this should help get you started going in the right direction. If you have any further questions or need to talk to someone about your specific issue to better help you decide what type of attorney you are looking for, we’re here to help!  Please feel free to use the site to contact us or call our Customer Success Team at 1-866-653-3017.



Family Issues

Family issues can be tough to navigate alone — especially if it escalates to the point of being a legal issue. If you are facing divorce, don’t go through it alone. A lawyer will help advocate for your rights, figure out how to fairly divide assets, and make a custodial arrangement for your children that works for you. Family lawyers handle more than just divorce and custody; they handle all issues pertaining to parental rights, spousal rights, guardianship, and more, including adoption. 


  • Adoption - the process by which an adult assumes parental rights over a child
  • Child Custody & Visitation - if you need help establishing a custody arrangement for your child or a visitation schedule
  • Child Support - if you need helping setting or adjusting your child support payments, or collecting overdue payments from your child’s other parent
  • Divorce - the process by which a marriage is legally dissolved, marital assets split, and child custody established, if there are children of the marriage
  • Domestic Violence Restraining Order - if there has been physical abuse within a close relationship and one party wants to apply to the court for a protective order or restraining order preventing the other party from seeing them or contacting them
  • Guardianship - the process by which an adult assumes legal rights (but not full parental rights) over a child; the adult will act as the guardian for the child, on a temporary or ongoing basis
  • Spousal Support - upon a divorce, one party is often called upon to provide temporary or continued financial support to the other party, depending on circumstances



Arrests and Questions by Police or other Members of Law Enforcement

Getting arrested usually means you’re going to have to show up in court at some point. If criminal charges have been brought against you, a criminal defense lawyer will negotiate with the government on your behalf and can represent you in court.  When you have been charged with a crime, you must answer the charges against you, at court hearings, and at court trials. This is where a criminal defense lawyer will help you the most.


  • Criminal charges - An attorney will defend you if you have been arrested, need help with a plea bargain, with a trial, and face fines, jail, or other punishment by the government.  
  • Expunging records - An attorney may be able to get an arrest or conviction expunged from your record or seal the records.



Money and Personal Finances

Financial stress is a burden that can quickly spiral and negatively affect your life. If you’re sick of getting endless calls from collections companies, you don’t have to keep avoiding them. A lawyer can help you with your debt. Regardless of why you have been sent to collections, whether it is medical debt or unpaid credit card debt, a personal debt or bankruptcy lawyer will help you. 


  • Personal Debt Collections & Settlement - if you have personal debt (credit card debt, student loans, or other debt) and need to settle it for less than is due, are facing collection activities, or need to have your credit improved.
  • Bankruptcy - if you have personal debt and are considering declaring bankruptcy to pay something (but not everything due) to your creditors to settle the debt.
  • Foreclosure - if you hold a mortgage on a property, are behind on payments, and the bank is threatening to foreclose on the mortgage and repossess the property.
  • Tax - if you need help with tax planning, a tax audit, assessment, wage garnishment, filing, or other tax matter.




Whether you’re battling your landlord, feel that your home has been unfairly taxed, or are facing foreclosure, a real estate attorney will help. Real estate attorneys handle the area of law that pertains to property. Because almost every area of law is complex, you may not be aware of what your rights are, let alone if they have been compromised. A real estate attorney will advocate for you, protect you, and fight for your side with regard to landlord-tenant issues such as evictions, rent increases, buyouts, and more. 


  • Commercial Real Estate - Commercial real estate is property used for businesses; issues can involve sales, leases, subleases, development, or other.
  • Residential Real Estate - Residential real estate is property where people live; issues can involve sales, leases, subleases, development, or other.
  • Foreclosures - if you are behind on your mortgage payments and the lender is threatening to foreclose on the mortgage and repossess the property to settle the debt.
  • Landlord-Tenant - issues between a landlord and a tenant, involving security deposits, rent, rent control, the condition of the property, evictions, or other.
  • Property Tax - if you owe back property taxes and are facing collections.



DUIs and DWIs

Did you have a nice night out that turned ugly because of a DUI? If you are facing a charge of Driving Under the Influence (a “DUI”) or Driving While Intoxicated (a “DWI”), you should consult a lawyer as soon as possible. DUI and DWIs are serious offenses that can cause a lot of damage by affecting you financially, by negatively impacting your reputation, your ability to drive, and more. Hire a lawyer for your DUI or DWI charge so that you have someone who understands the law to represent your interests. A DUI lawyer or a DWI lawyer will help you understand your charges, represent you in court, and fight for you. 



Tickets and Accidents

You can get legal help if you’ve gotten a ticket or have multiple unpaid tickets. Traffic tickets, parking tickets, and more can impact you financially and personally. Having a lawyer help you understand the consequences and fight for your rights can mean the difference between a small fine and a major financial setback.


  • Parking Tickets - if you have received tickets for how you have parked your vehicle, for having faulty equipment, or for something else, and need to pay a fine or take other corrective action.
  • Traffic Tickets - if you have received tickets for how you were driving, including speeding or otherwise, and need to pay a fine or take other corrective action.
  • Traffic Accidents - if you were involved in a vehicle accident, were cited for being involved in an accident, and need to report the accident to your insurer, negotiate or pay a settlement, or take other action.



Business Matters  

The business part of owning a business can be confusing, complicated, and uncertain. Successful business owners typically consult a business attorney to help them with the process of incorporation, getting a financial business plan together, and negotiating business agreements or disputes.


  • Business Agreements & Contracts - if your business needs help negotiating or drafting a contract to finalize a business agreement.
  • Business Disputes & Litigation - a dispute between a consumer and a business or between two businesses that might require going to court to resolve the dispute.
  • Employee & Consultant Agreements - if you need an agreement with an employee, potential employee or consultant to your business, such as a non-compete, a non-disclosure agreement, or other agreement.
  • Intellectual Property - protecting the confidential, business secrets of your business, through patent, trademark, trade secrets, copyright, or otherwise.
  • Start-Ups - forming a new business, partnership agreements, incorporation documents, privacy policies, and other.


Business Finances

An experienced business tax attorney will help you with planning your business’s finances, a collections attorney will assist you in recovering unpaid bills, and, if your business is facing financial challenges, a business bankruptcy attorney will assist you with recovering from what could otherwise be devastating, and business-ending, debts.


  • Business Bankruptcy & Debt Settlement - if your business has debt that needs to be settled by negotiation or by filing for bankruptcy to allow the business to move forward.
  • Debt Collections - if you have customers or partners who owe you money, you need help collecting in the proper manner.
  • Tax - if your business needs help with tax planning, a tax audit, assessment, filing, or other tax matter.



Wills & Trusts

Does your family know what your wishes are should you become incapacitated or what your plans are for your finances and assets after death? An estate lawyer will write up your wishes in a legal document that declares exactly what you want to happen. This document will spell out your health care directives and the distribution of your estate when you die, which includes your property and other personal possessions. An estate lawyer will also help you navigate probate if you are confronted with issues that arise when a loved one dies, with or without a will.


  • A Conservatorship is when you need to take over the affairs of an elderly or disabled adult.
  • A Will goes into effect after you die to pass your assets and property in keeping with your wishes.
  • A Trust is funded while you are alive, to protect your assets and property and pass them on in keeping with your wishes.
  • Power of Attorney gives someone of your choice power of attorney over your financial affairs.
  • A Health Care Directive gives instructions on what extraordinary medical efforts you want - taken on your behalf, if any, and your instructions for end-of-life care.
  • Probate is if a family manner has died without a will or trust and you need help settling the estate.




If you are not a United States citizen, you need an immigration attorney if you need help with the process of visiting or staying in the United States. Additionally, if you or a loved one is being detained by ICE or is facing deportation, an immigration attorney will help you. An immigration attorney’s job and priority is to know the current laws and ensure that they are protecting your interests. If you have questions about immigration or are facing an issue that raises the possibility of being deported or removed from the US, an immigration attorney will help you. 


  • Asylum - if you have a reasonable fear of returning to your country, you may be eligible to stay here in the US for your own protection, even if you came here without permission.
  • DACA - people who came to the US as children without permission but who have lived their lives here may be eligible to stay for a period of time, or receive a work permit.
  • Deportation/Removal Defense - if you have received notice from the US government that you need to leave the country, you may have defenses and be able to stay.
  • US Citizenship & Naturalization - if you or a family member wants to follow the process of becoming a US citizen or national.
  • US Green Cards & Visas - Green cards allow you to stay in the US permanently; Visas allow you to stay for a set period of time.


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