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Tickets & Traffic Lawyers

Tickets & Traffic Lawyers

Tickets & Traffic Lawyers

Do you need a traffic attorney for simple offenses? If you have received a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket, such as a violation for driving while not wearing a seat belt, or for driving while talking or texting, there can be financial and other consequences if you do not successfully contest the ticket. A traffic attorney can help protect your personal and financial interests.

Your driving record will reflect negative marks, though at times traffic school can clear your record. Consequences can range from fines and escalating insurance premiums to license itself or very ability to drive, facing fines, suspended driver licenses,

The penalties for different types of tickets vary depending on what you did, as well as where you received your ticket. It's important to realize that while each state has laws about the basic rules of driving, the details of the laws vary from state to state and even from municipality to municipality. The traffic attorney in your state will be well versed in which laws are applicable to your situation.

As a practical matter, if you have to go to court, your likelihood of successfully contesting your ticket will depend on the local rules and customs of the court. A traffic attorney will know these rules and customs and can advise you, help you understand your options and make a plan, and even go to court on your behalf.

Parking & Faulty Equipment Tickets Lawyers

If you have received tickets for how you have parked your vehicle, for having faulty equipment, or for something else such as leaving your vehicle unattended, and need to pay a fine or take other corrective action, do not ignore the issue. Fines only go up over time: missing a payment can result in late fees more than the cost of the ticket itself. Too many unpaid parking tickets will give the police grounds to impound your vehicle, so that you can’t drive without paying off all the fines and late fees, as well as impound fees. A Court Buddy traffic attorney can help you make a plan, challenge your tickets, or otherwise protect your rights.