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Personal Finances / Debt Relief Lawyers

Personal Finances / Debt Relief Lawyers

Personal Finances / Debt Relief Lawyers

If you have personal debt and need to settle it for less than is due, are facing debt collection activities as a debtor by a creditor, are considering filing for personal bankruptcy, or simply need to have your credit score improved, an experienced debt settlement, bankruptcy, or tax attorney can help you with that. An attorney can help make a plan and work to protect your assets and financial interests.

Employment & Unemployment for Workers

If you worked for someone else or a business, as a full or part-time employee, or even as a consultant or volunteer, you have rights. Employment laws vary state to state, but every state has protections in place for workers. There are federal laws that protect workers as well. If you have had your hours reduced, been furloughed, or been terminated or laid off, you have rights and protections for how the decision was made and if it was fair, and you also could be eligible for unemployment benefits and health care. 

It’s important to know your rights and take steps to protect yourself and your family financially if you are concerned that your employer is not treating you fairly. A personal employment or unemployment lawyer can help you understand your rights and make a plan to protect yourself. You should contact an employment lawyer to better understand what to do in the following situations, amongst others:

   1. You are being presented with an employment contract or other document to sign by your employer (such as a non-compete, a waiver or release, or other documents that could have an impact on your job) that you need help understanding or negotiating;
   2. You have not been treated fairly: you believe that you have been harassed, discriminated, or retaliated against by your employer, or that your workplace is unsafe;
   3. You were placed on reduced hours, terminated or laid off and you believe that the grounds for it were unfair or discriminatory;
   4. The employer is not protecting its employees or giving you benefits (such as paid time off for health or family reasons) in keeping with its policies and the law;
   5. Your employer has not given you the money or other benefits that you are entitled to under your employment contract; or
   6. You need help understanding or pursuing your unemployment benefits and health care.

A Court Buddy employment or unemployment lawyer can help you understand your rights and fight for them. You need to contact an employment attorney as soon as you become aware of an issue, so that you do not mistakenly waive your rights to money and benefits you would be entitled to. A Court Buddy attorney can consult with you and tell you what your rights are and what your next steps should be.