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Rent Relief Sample Letter

Rent Relief Sample Letter

YOUR ADDRESS City, State, Zip Code
ADDRESS City, State, Zip Code
Re: Rent Payments
This letter is to explain my late rent payment(s) and to ask whether my monthly rent could be lowered. I have fallen behind in payments for the last three months [TIME PERIOD] because my wife, [NAME], lost her job [OR OTHER REASON YOU NEED MORTGAGE RELIEF/INCLUDING COVID-19 RELATED REASON], which reduced our total income by half. I expect to be paying each monthly rent amount [TWO WEEKS’ LATE OR OTHER TIME PERIOD] on [DATE OF THE MONTH].
I sincerely apologize for falling beyond on my rent payments, and I didn’t want it to go without acknowledgment. At this time, I would appreciate it if we could work together to find a way to normalize my rent, by setting a new due date or reducing the payments. I fully intend to pay, but money will be extremely tight until my wife finds another job [OR OTHER REASON] and our financial situation stabilizes again. She currently has two possible job offers, and will know the results next month [OR OTHER EXPLANATION/INCLUDING COVID-19 RELATED EXPLANATION].
I apologize for falling behind on my rent payments, but, as you can see, it was out of my control.
I can be reached at [PHONE NUMBER] or at [EMAIL ADDRESS] if you have any further questions. I hope we can meet or talk soon to explore if accommodations can be made.