Instant matching with solo lawyers on-demand for your a-la-carte legal services at flat rates based on your budget.

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Introducing CourtBuddy Chat

Courtbuddy Chat, an instant messaging, video chat, and phone app now available exclusively for Court Buddy members. The app was created so that you can connect faster with your matches. More importantly, your new app is FREE! Click on the Google Play or Apple Store icon to download the app today.



The FREE app automatically syncs with your private messages for instant communication with your matches.


Here are just some of the the features and benefits that CourtBuddy Chat provides:

-receive instant push notifications from your matches so that you never miss out on important messages, day or night;

-chat instantly with your matches to easily discuss and finalize payment arrangements and the scope of the a-la-carte or full case representation;

-review your entire conversation with your matches so that you don’t have to guess about what was discussed;

-video chat with your matches from court, home, office, or from anywhere in the world;

-switch to offline mode when you are busy or are simply unavailable to speak with your matches;

-review and respond to missed messages from your matches when you are available.


DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE APP TODAY! Click on the Google Play or Apple Store icon to download the app.