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  • Patty Lamberti
  • |
  • 07 July, 2020
You Have A Doctor, Dentist And Car Mechanic. So Why Don’t You Have A Lawyer?

When you are sick with something beyond the regular old cold or flu, you have a doctor who you know and trust. You pick up your phone, find the d...

  • Carlee Sutera
  • |
  • 01 July, 2020
Texas Prisons And The Coronavirus: What You Or A Loved One Need To Know

Covid-19 is stronger than ever in certain states. Texas has their  highest hospitalization rates since the pandemic began. As of Jun...

  • Cassidy Chansirik
  • |
  • 30 June, 2020
The Best TV Shows To Binge Watch About The Law

As voting season approaches in November, it’s important to learn about laws, and how they impact our communities.  Here are the bes...

  • Romario Conrado
  • |
  • 18 June, 2020
What To Say And Not Say If You Are Confronted By Law Enforcement

This week, police in Atlanta shot and killed Rayshard Brooks at a Wendy's drive-thru. Seconds before the shooting, video shows the of...

  • Chris Wojcik
  • |
  • 13 June, 2020
What To Do If Your Business Was Looted

If your business has been damaged by looting or robbery, you may be asking some questions about how to rebuild. We’ve found some answers fo...

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