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The Reasons People Hate Lawyers And Why They’re Wrong

Sona Sulakian
Sona Sulakian Intern
A Bay Area native, Sona Sulakian is a rising 2L at USC Gould School of Law.
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why people shouldn't hate lawyers

“The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.” — Shakespeare, Henry VI

Often quoted but widely misunderstood, William Shakespeare actually intended for this line to be a tribute to lawyers who promote justice in society.

According to one expert, the line is said by a immoral character who thinks that by getting rid of law and order, he can become king.

But unlike Shakespeare, most Americans dislike lawyers. One survey showed that Americans tend to hold high opinions of people in professions that seemingly help the public. Members of the military, teachers, and doctors rank at the top of the list of most-admirable jobs. 

The lowest ranked profession? Lawyers.

Here are some common myths about attorneys and why they're not true. 

Myth: Lawyers cost a fortune.

Fact: With Court Buddy, legal help costs as little as $249. 

You may think that lawyers leech off their clients, charging exorbitant hourly fees. You may think they prolong lawsuits and legal fights just to rack up billable hours.  

But that's just what you see on TV. 

Traditionally, before Court Buddy started using technology to connect people with attorneys, lawyers could cost as much as $1000 an hour.

At Court Buddy, we can connect you with an experienced lawyer for an affordable price. Sometimes, it will cost you as little as $249. 

That's a lower hourly rate than what most doctors or plumbers charge. 

Our lawyers offer consultations, during which they can assess your situation and provide an estimate of the final cost. .

Myth: Lawyers are liars and only care about themselves. 

Fact: Our lawyers are good people who care about their clients' well-being.

Movies and TV shows are partially to blame for the stereotype that lawyers are money-grubbing jerks who only get into the business to be rich. 

But there is a code of ethics in the legal profession that is strictly enforced by the American Bar Association. 

One rule in the code says that lawyers should not charge absurdly high fees. At Court Buddy, our lawyers truly believe in this principle. 

Myth: You only need to find a lawyer when you are in trouble. 

Fact: You should have a lawyer in your contact list at all times. 

Many think that your average joe doesn’t need an attorney on-call but can just get an attorney on an as-needed basis. 

But just as we need a doctor when we are healthy, we need a lawyer before it’s absolutely necessary.

Read up on a few reasons why you need a lawyer today.

During times of stress, finding someone you trust to help you will only add to your anxiety. A lawyer on call can be the best solution when there’s not much time to respond to a situation, such as when you buy or sell property, are suddenly terminated from your job, offered a new job, receive an unexpected eviction summons or need to file for bankruptcy.

Myth: Lawyers contribute nothing to society.

Fact: Lawyers provide the public with essential services that sustain our democracy. 

The public esteem survey also showed that only 18% of Americans say lawyers contribute a lot to society, 43% say they make some contribution, and 34% said they contribute nothing.

People may hate lawyers because they think lawyers represent corporations, the wealthy, and the guilty.

But every lawsuit has two sides. Lawyers perform a public service by informing the accused of their rights and helping them articulate their case to receive the legal justice they deserve. 

In fact, the legal profession is dedicated to giving back. In 2019, the average lawyer put in about 60 hours of pro bono work, meaning they provided free public service to help needy clients. 

Myth: I can do it myself.  I don’t need a lawyer.

Fact: There are reasons why lawyers have to go to law school.

In most legal situations, the other side will have a lawyer. You need an advocate on your side, fighting for your interests.

Lawyers anticipate and prevent problems. Lawyers review contracts, properly file paperwork, and ensure that you are compliant with the law. Filing the wrong document in the wrong manner can ruin your case and cause future headaches.

Just as doctors talk about preventative health care, lawyers can help you with preventative legal care. 

Lawyers also often have a network of specialists who serve as advisors in a variety of areas. So if you retain a capable, trustworthy lawyer, you gain access to a resource for any situation.

Need an accountant for your taxes? Need to file paperwork with the government? A lawyer probably knows who or at least where to look and how to evaluate a good one.

Ready to hire an attorney?

You don’t need to go into annual check-ups with your lawyer, but you should establish a relationship with one sooner rather than later. Look at routine legal tasks like contracts, wills, car accidents, or traffic tickets as an opportunity to find a lawyer you like and spark a relationship. The better your relationship with your attorney, the better they can help you.

Court Buddy is here to connect you with an experienced and trusted lawyer who can help you at an affordable rate. The company assists with the management of your case and lawyer relationship. Your lawyer will assess your legal issue in a timely and confidential manner, explain why you need or do not need a lawyer, and only charge you for the legal services performed and associated out of pocket fees. This article is intended to convey general information and does not constitute legal advice.

Ready to get started? We’re here to help.

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Overall great experience from beginning to end! On the plus, I won my case!"

Overall great experience from beginning to end! On the plus, I won my case!"

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Court Buddy made it easy for me to handle my tough court case. I feel like I'm not alone."

Court Buddy made it easy for me to handle my tough court case. I feel like I'm not alone."

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