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How It Works

Apply: Fill-out an application form as prompted, telling us key information such as where you practice and what is the primary focus of your practice. You have taken an important first step towards growing your practice with Court Buddy!


Get Verified: We ask you to certify that you are an attorney in good standing with your State Bar without a prior disciplinary history; we will verify this as part of considering your application.  We will promptly inform you whether your application was accepted or not.


Fill Out Your Profile: Once you’ve been accepted to Court Buddy: Congratulations! You will create a profile to be shared with potential clients, including telling us a bit more about yourself and adding a photo.


Get Matched: Court Buddy’s algorithm will match member attorneys with potential clients based on a variety of factors, including location, legal services needed, and attorneys' practice areas.


Accept / Decline the Match: Once we send you a match, you will have a certain amount of specified time (usually, 3 hours during a regular business day) to review the information provided by the client and accept or decline the match.  If you decline the match or do not respond, the client will be matched to another available Court Buddy attorney member.


Start Working With Your New Client on the Court Buddy Platform: Your client will have prepaid for a legal consultation and first service.  In the event you find you cannot help the client during the consultation, we ask you to treat it as a complimentary consultation and release the client to be matched to another Court Buddy attorney member.  If you can help the client, we ask that you handle communications and payments within the Court Buddy platform.


Create New Services for the Client if Needed: We have identified the most frequently offered services within the Court Buddy platform for each type of case our attorney members handle.  In the event that your client agrees that you should perform more than one service for them (as is common) please select each subsequent service from within the offerings on the Court Buddy platform, and your client will be charged accordingly.  The platform allows you to specify the service you will perform in advance (e.g., a court appearance), and request that your client prefund it through CB Direct Pay™. Coming soon, we will also be allowing you to invoice your clients for out-of-pocket costs such as filing costs through CB Direct Pay™.


Request Payment: You can send a request through the platform to be paid for each service you provide.  The funds will have been securely held for you in the CB Direct Pay™ system so that they will be available once the work is complete.  We have created the CB Direct Pay™ system to provide security for our attorney members so that they know they can undertake work without fear of collections issues.  This is also a service for our client members because it alleviates the need to pay steep retainers and allows clients to pay as they go in the event their case involves more than one service.

Get Paid: Once the client confirms that the work has been done, we will release the funds to you.  You receive your set legal fee for each service in full.  The client is charged a service fee (currently between 15-20%) over-and-above attorney fees on each transaction handled through Court Buddy.

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