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1. Create Your Account

Do it yourself online, answer a few questions, or call to speak with one of our client success specialists.
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2. We Review

We work together to review your legal matter and match you with an experienced attorney.
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3. Get Started

Begin working with your matched attorney who will reach out to you.

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How It Works

Court Buddy matches you with an attorney with the experience and expertise you need who is located near you. Our Attorneys provide legal services at set, fixed rates, so you know what you are buying and what it will cost upfront. Sign up online, fill out a short intake form and get started working with your attorney in as little as a few minutes!


Create your account: You can create an account online or call to speak with a member of our Client Success team to help you get started. Answer the questions as prompted, providing your name, location, and the type of legal case you have, so that we can verify that we have attorneys ready to work on your case!


Pay for your First Service: We offer a low introductory rate for your first legal service.  Typically, you pay an upfront fee of just $249 for your first legal consultation and service (or $399 if you need business or financial services), which we securely hold for you in the CB Direct Pay™ system until your attorney has completed the work for you.  The Court Buddy system allows you to chose what you need and know what it will cost in advance, as opposed to a traditional law firm model, where you pay a steep upfront retainer and do not know how much time an attorney will charge you for until you get the bill.


We Match You with Experienced, Trusted Attorneys: You fill out a short questionnaire so that your attorney can better understand the needs of your case. Court Buddy’s algorithm will analyze the information you provide and find experienced attorneys that suit your needs and are located near you. You should expect a Court Buddy attorney to reach out to you to schedule a consultation within three (3) business hours of your submitting your questionnaire. If you do not hear back within that time, contact us and we will reach out to make sure an attorney is ready to get started!


Get Started: Begin working with your matched attorney who will reach out to you through the Court Buddy message board or the CourtBuddy Chat® app. All communications are secure and easy.  You will receive an email or text notification when your attorney sends you a message. Simply log in to your account to view your messages. You are never obligated to work with any particular attorney. If, after speaking to or messaging your attorney match, you do not think they are a good fit for you, you can request to be matched to another attorney.  


Release Funds to Your Attorney: Once your attorney completes your first service, they will request payment through the CB Direct Pay™ system. You confirm that the work has been done and authorize that your funds be released. It’s that simple! At this point, if you’ve received all the help you need, we’re glad we could help.  Please give us feedback for your attorney and tell your family and friends about Court Buddy!


Pay as You Go if You Need More Help: If you want to keep working with your attorney, you can hire them for more work and pay as you go for as many legal services as you need. We have identified the most frequently requested services for all of the different types of cases our attorneys handle on the Court Buddy platform. Your attorney can give you a proposal explaining what other services you should consider buying. Each legal service you purchase through Court Buddy will be for a set, fixed price, typically, $399 per service, though some services are priced higher if they are more complex. With Court Buddy, legal services are affordable and there are no surprises.

Match Guarantee or It's Free: We are so confident that you will find Court Buddy helpful that if we cannot find you an available attorney to work on your case, we will return any amount you pay towards your first legal service.



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