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Start The Year Right: 5 Good Things That A Lawyer Can Do For You In 2019

“If I get into trouble, I know where to go” is a common phrase that we hear. As if our lawyers should only be used when something bad happens.

This is 2019, and we expect good things to happen to you this year. Here are 5 good things that a lawyer can do for you this year.

1. Help You Close On A New Home. Buying a home this year? How exciting will it be to go looking at homes and then ultimately choosing the home that you want to live in. And then comes the paperwork, such as the sales contract and the closing documents that must be completed and signed before you can own your new home. A lawyer can review the paperwork for you, explain the terms of the contract and the closing documents to you, and attend the closing with you.

2. Help You Adopt A Child. Have you decided to start a family this year by adopting a child? Whether the child is from a relative or an adoption center, it is exciting to bring in a new addition to your family. A lawyer can assist you with the adoption process, including reviewing, filing, and preparing the paperwork necessary for custody transfer, name change, and finalization.

3.  Help You Become a Citizen. Although the path to U.S. citizenship can be long and complicated, the dream of becoming a U.S. citizen is what motivates millions of people every year. Having a lawyer on your side to assist you can make the steps to becoming a citizen a lot smoother in 2019.

4. Help You Start A Business. Decided to start a business this year? A lawyer can assist you with deciding what type of business entity (i.e. LLC, S-Corp, non-profit) to create, preparing and filing the required entity creation documents, obtaining any licenses or permits needed for your business, and preparing or reviewing the contracts you need for the legal aspects of your business.

 5.  Help You Make Tax Decisions. Want to learn how to legally pay less in taxes or save more money for you and your business in 2019? A lawyer can assist you with taking advantage of tax credits and understanding tax deductions so that you are only paying what is required by law in taxes.

Let’s get 2019 off to a good start by carefully choosing the words we use. You won’t need a lawyer because you’re in trouble. Instead, you will receive 
good and valuable legal help for the great things that you are going to accomplish in 2019.


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