Instant matching with solo lawyers on-demand for your a-la-carte legal services at flat rates based on your budget.

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More Clients, More Revenue: Welcome To Instaclient

Our main purpose is to help you achieve your personal and law firm goals by providing you with what matters: good paying clients. We've done this across the country and have helped drive $1M+ in new revenue to solo and small firm attorneys.

Now we're going a step further for you.

Welcome to Instaclient. Instaclient instantly delivers thousands of pre-screened, paying clients to attorneys DAILY.

You simply accept the paying clients that you want and reject the paying clients that you don't, for whatever reason-- all with a simple click. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Sign up is easy and it is FREE to become a part of the Instaclient attorney network. 
Simply click here.

And if you are already a member, then you have priority access. So there's no need to sign up.

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