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It's Tax Time: 5 Things That A Tax Lawyer Can Do For You


Every year, millions of people flock to a place like H&R Block with the hope of getting a tax refund. Even worse, millions attempt to prepare and file their taxes themselves.

But H&R Block or TurboTax cannot represent you if you don’t properly handle your taxes. H&R Block and Turbotax cannot tell you how the tax laws work and how to use the laws to your advantage. Here are 5 things that a tax lawyer can do for you this year.

Tax Lawyers Help You Take Advantage Of Deductions And Credits. First and foremost, a tax refund is nothing to get excited about.  It simply means that you OVERPAID the government in taxes, the government kept your money interest-free as a result, and now the government is saying, “sorry, here’s your money back. And by the way, thanks for the interest-free loan.”

Overpaying the government your hard-earned money stops this year.  A tax lawyer can help you understand deductions and credits that can prevent you from overpaying.  For example, 
having children or having an energy efficient home can earn you tax credits. Paying student loan interest or having a home office can earn you a tax deduction.

Tax Lawyers Can Communicate With The IRS If You Have Been Audited. Taking the 
do-it-yourself approach to preparing and filing your taxes, or not hiring the right expert can backfire in the form of an IRS audit. An audit means that the IRS thinks something is fishy with your tax returns and therefore they need to take a closer look.

Because tax lawyers deal with the IRS all of the time, they can help you deal with an audit and assist you with responding to the IRS.

Tax Lawyers Can Help Your Business Save Money. The deductions and credits mentioned above are mostly for individuals. But what if you own a business? You can’t afford to make 
costly tax mistakes in business.

Tax lawyers are skilled at understanding the sections of the tax code applicable to businesses and applying those tax laws to your type of business. In the end, you can save your business thousands of dollars and avoid tax mistakes by simply hiring a tax lawyer.

Tax Lawyers Can Help You If You Have To Go To Court. If the government takes you to court over tax issues, you will certainly lose without a tax lawyer. The government is staffed with lawyers whose goal is to help their client win.  Their client: the government.  If you have to go to court or have to appeal a tax court decision, you will be better suited by having a tax lawyer on your side.

You Can Budget For A Tax Lawyer.  We know what you’re thinking: 
it costs too much to hire a lawyer. But it can’t cost too much if you choose your own legal budget. So costs should no longer be an excuse. It is also a lot less costly to hire a tax lawyer BEFORE the trouble starts.

Finally, the 
modest amount of money you spend on a tax lawyer is tax deductible! It turns out that the government wants you to use professionals such as tax lawyers and therefore allows you to deduct the costs associated with hiring one.

This tax season, focus on using the tax laws to your advantage so that you can keep more money in your pocket where it belongs.

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