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CB Direct Pay Gets Simpler And Faster For Attorneys


You spoke and we listened. Court Buddy is revamping its attorney-client payment exchange CB Direct Pay to have payments sent directly to you simpler and faster.

Beginning in October, Court Buddy is ending its partnership with PayPal and is entering a new partnership with Stripe (Lyft, Facebook, Amazon) to ensure that you are paid faster for each task that you perform for Court Buddy clients. Here are a few of the benefits for you:

-have money instantly deposited directly into your law firm's linked operating account;

-get instantly alerted once the money is deposited;

-instantly receive 100% of client funds; no fee-splitting;

-easily set up single tasks or payment plans for clients;

-we collect the fees from clients for you; no more wasting time chasing fees;

-no more monthly invoices and arguing with clients over legal fees;

-easily track tasks completed and payments received from clients; and

-saved client payment information makes payments easier and faster to you.

Our job has always been to make sure that you receive new paying clients and that you get paid fast. With this new partnership, we are ensuring that we continue doing that job for you.



Requesting and accepting payments from clients outside of CB Direct Pay is strictly prohibited and will result in the deactivation of your membership.

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