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Five Tips For Enhancing Your Legal Marketing


Legal marketing is an inevitable part of the legal business in the 21st century. Gone are the days where you could simply rely on your reputation or your expertise to obtain new clients. But how do you perform legal marketing in a way that allows you to achieve maximum return on your investment? 

Here are our 5 tips to enhancing your legal marketing.

1.  Get involved with the community by joining non-attorney groups, preferably groups that complement your practice. For example, if you want to get more restaurants as clients for your corporate law practice, becoming an active member of a local chapter of the National Restaurant Association probably should be on your list of groups to join.  But simply becoming a member is not enough.  You should aim to holding a position within the group, such as treasurer, secretary, and eventually president.

2.  Sponsor events or charities, which gives people an opportunity to become more familiar with you, your law firm, and your practice areas.

3.  Market yourself online by having a website for your law firm and a social media presence on Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter. Additionally, legal-specific online marketing tools allow you to market yourself by being accessible to clients who have pending or potential civil or criminal cases.

4.  Develop a referral system with other attorneys who have different practice areas from you. For example, a personal injury attorney would want to have an estate planning attorney in her attorney referral network as the estate planning attorney may come across a client who is considering suing over the death of a loved one during a consultation about drafting wills or setting up a trust.

5.  Don’t abandon the basics such as attending networking events, following up with leads from these events, getting involved with your local bar, and asking your current clients for referrals.

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