Diving In: What it takes to be a Court Buddy Courthouse Team Member.

Whether it’s keeping warm in Chicago’s bitter cold, keeping calm and collected when facing a challenging potential client, or hearing people’s emotional legal journeys, a day in the life of a Court Buddy Courthouse Team Member is never boring. 

Here, our Chicago-based representative, Sophia Diaz shares her stories. 

Sophia on the right.

Why did you want to be a Court Buddy Courthouse Team Member? 

I have been a brand ambassador for quite some time. After speaking to my manager Travis about Court Buddy’s program, I was motivated to join the cause. I knew I wanted to be a part of a company whose mission is to help people get access to legal help, no matter what situation they’re in. 

What is the most difficult part of your job? 

People we encounter at courthouses are generally stressed because they are in the middle of challenging cases. We have to prepare ourselves to face rejection and unfriendly responses. I try to face these challenges with a positive attitude and make it a point to engage with people we meet. My goal is to spread the word on how we’re here to help people with their legal cases. Here in Chicago, whether it’s rain, snow or ice, we’ll be at the courthouse!   

What is the most rewarding part of your job? 

Seeing someone find an attorney on our platform and knowing that we’re making a difference, even in one person’s life, has been the most rewarding part of my job. 

What was the most exciting event you’ve experienced as a Courthouse Team Member?  

This year’s 10th Ward Trunk or Treat event in Chicago was definitely the most memorable. I dressed up as a Court Buddy bear and seeing me in a cuddly costume helped put people at ease when I approached them about our mission. I was able to engage with families as well as those who work in the community. 

What do you do when people don’t respond well to you? 

You’d be surprised at how being upbeat, kind, and having a smile on your face could go a long way. Sometimes, those who don’t respond well the first time would come back if they remember how approachable and helpful you were. 

Were there moments that touched you?

Being at the courthouse, you see a range of emotions: happy, sad, or confused. Hearing people’s stories about how they struggle with their legal cases can be an emotional experience. I like what I do because I’m making an impact on people’s lives. Sometimes, people I talk to in courthouses would come back and tell me about how Court Buddy has helped them and gave them hope. It makes me feel like what I do really makes a difference.    

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