A day in the life of a law student who edits two articles for her school journals, studies while working out at a gym, and interns at a legal tech company in San Francisco.

Alex Green is always on the go. The law student/legal intern’s schedule is jam-packed from before dusk until long after dawn with studying, editing two of her school’s law publications, and interning at our legal tech company, Court Buddy, based in San Francisco. 

On a typical day, she wakes up at 5 AM to review her class materials, rides her bicycle to school, squeezes in some time to work out while studying, and spends some time cooking and hanging out with her fiancé at the end of the day. 

She breaks down a day in her life and takes us on a whirlwind of a journey amid her busy schedule:

5 AM: Wake up and read up on my Professional Responsibility and Antitrust reading for an essay I have to finish at the end of the week. 

7:30 AM: Get ready. I aim to leave home at 8:20 AM. Skip breakfast and grab a granola bar. Then, I ride my bike to school.  

8:45 AM: I take 15 minutes to settle into my Professional Responsibility course that starts at 9 AM. 

10:15 AM: Rush across the street to get a large coffee for a quick dose of caffeine. 

10:30 AM: Get into my Antitrust course. 

11:45 AM: Study break! I use this time to prep for my Community Property midterm. During this time, I also edit an article for the school’s High Tech Law Journal, where I am on the Board as a Production Editor. For the last 30 minutes of my “break,” I read up on my Wills and Trust material before class.

2:40 PM: Wills and Trust course. 

4:30 PM: Go to the gym. I spend half of the time reading Antitrust materials for my Wednesday class, knowing that I would be busy most of Tuesday.

5:30 PM: Stretch, shower, and get in a 10-minute chat with my fiancé.

6 PM: Study for my Community Property midterm.

7:30 PM: Prep for tonight’s dinner and lunch for the next day.

8 PM: Eat dinner and watch Succession with my fiancé.

9:30 PM: Read up on Wills and Trust materials. 

10:30 PM: Copy edit an article for my school’s Law Review, where I am the Managing Editor.

11:30 PM: Study for my Community Property midterm. 

12:30 AM: Get ready to go to bed. I wake up early in the morning to commute to San Francisco, where I intern for Court Buddy. While it’s time-consuming to hold down an internship at the same time as being a full-time law student, I enjoy my work in the “real world” at Court Buddy and believe in the company’s mission.

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