99 Years After the 19th Amendment: 4 Shocking Ways Gender Inequalities Still Persist Today

On August 18, we celebrated the 99th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the United States’ Constitution, which granted American women the right to vote. 

Today, although American women enjoy the same privileges as their male counterparts, racial, gender, and class inequalities persist. 

Here are the four shocking ways that inequalities still exist between women and men in America today. 

  1. Women Make Less Money than Men

According to the Pew Research Center, American women earn only 85% of what their male counterparts make. Not only does the problem exists in America, it persists in every nation in the world. If you aggregate data across every country in the world, women earn only 77% of what men earn, according to the United Nations International Labor Organization report

2. The Gender Pay Gap is Larger for Minority Women

The Gender Pay Gap is astoundingly large for minority women when their pay is compared to that of their white, male counterparts. The National Women’s Law Center found that to earn the same wage as their white male counterparts make in a year, African-American women would have to work six additional months. The gap is even larger for Hispanic women. 

3. Women are Underrepresented in Government

According to the United Nations, American women make up only 25% of the Senate and 23% of the House of Representatives.

4. Women Entrepreneurs Receive Less Funding

Economic power and social progress go hand-in-hand. Data from All Raise, a non-profit organization focused on assisting female entrepreneurs, stated that women working on getting their startups off the ground often encounter difficulties in securing investment. Only 11% of venture capitalists are women, and 71% of all VC firms do not have female partners. 

Court Buddy stands by the tenet of justice for all, regardless of race, class, and gender. Every day, we continuously strive to make this a reality. If you believe that you have a gender inequality issue, attorneys on our platform are ready to assist you in an effort to lessen the gap in gender inequality. 

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