Court Buddy Wins 2nd Place at the Mayors’ Civic Tech Pitch

Another win for the Court Buddy family: Court Buddy took home second place at the Mayors’ Civic Tech Pitch held during the 2019 Annual United States Conference of Mayors.

Court Buddy was pleased to be invited to appear at the 87th annual United States Conference of Mayors this July. Each year, mayors from cities across the nation gather to align on policy, discuss best practices, and share ideas on how to improve their communities.

During the Mayors’ Civic Tech Pitch, Co-founder Kristina Jones introduced Court Buddy to over 200 mayors from across the nation, sharing how the platform can be a powerful tool for cities and their constituents. Five companies pitched their apps and services to a panel of judges, with Court Buddy winning second place. 

Court Buddy was thankful for the opportunity to meet mayors from across the nation and came away inspired by the stories of how cities are leveraging technologies like Court Buddy’s to improve their communities. Together, we can transform the legal industry and make sure that no one ever needs to walk into court alone! 

Watch our presentation below:

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