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Awards & Recognitions

What awards and recognition does Court Buddy give out?

We recognize top-rated lawyers with three awards, designed to honor those lawyers who consistently perform high-quality work and receive great reviews.
Client's Choice Award
The Clients’ Choice Award is given to those attorneys whose clients consistently rave about their responsiveness, professionalism, and care.
Platinum Badge of Excellence Award
The Platinum Badge of Excellence Award is given to our best of the best lawyers each year, based on service, quality and customer satisfaction.
Court Buddy Hall of Fame Award
The Court Buddy Hall of Fame Award is our highest honor and celebrates lawyers that have consistently delivered great service and received great reviews for 2 years in a row or more.
Why do we give these out?

These distinctions are our way of acknowledging the hard work and time that our attorneys are investing, and helping clients to achieve success.
What are awards based on?

Reviews and feedback from the people who matter most – the clients!  This includes your level of responsiveness, providing up-to-date and detailed reporting of all services provided to the client, timeliness and budgeting efficiency so the client only pays for what they most need. It also matters to our clients that you care, that you have empathy for their problem and they know you are on their side.
How can I get more feedback and reviews?

Make sure that all of your work is done on the Court Buddy platform. Talk to your clients and ask them to write reviews. And once you have completed a legal service for them, follow up with a reminder to let us know.
I’ve received a Court Buddy Badge, how can I use it?

The badge will automatically be added to your profile page on Court Buddy. Make sure to use this on your website, marketing and promotional materials. You are also qualified when opportunities arise for inclusion in Court Buddy newsletters, social media posts, press releases, and more.
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