As a Court Buddy attorney in Georgia, I am proud to offer my legal services through this company. The Court Buddy platform allows people in need of legal services, fast, high-quality legal services at reasonable prices. I highly recommend this great legal service"

Quentin J, Attorney of Law, Georgia

I enjoy Court Buddy because I don't have to chase clients to collect payment."

Raleigh N, Attorney of Law, Texas

Court Buddy Was Created by Attorneys for Attorneys.

We understand the challenges faced by hard-working, experienced attorneys practicing at solo and small firms who want to spend their time helping clients but who instead spend more time than they would like on business development, the administrative aspects of running their firms, and on billing and collecting.

Why Our Attorneys Love Court Buddy:
1) We Bring You Paying Clients, Not Leads
2) Clients are Prescreened to Match with Your Practice and Expertise
3) We Handle Billing and Collections for You
4) Case and Communications Management
5) Dedicated Attorney Success Team to Help Grow Your Practice
6) Awards and Recognition that Are Performance and Merit-Based
7) Raise Your Profile:
- Opportunities to be Featured in Court Buddy’s Videos
- Inclusion in Press and News Releases
- Contribute to Court Buddy’s Blog and White Papers

We solve for these pain points by bringing attorneys clients who:
1) Need the specific expertise that the attorney offers;
2) Have legal rights to pursue;
3) Can pay fair prices for the attorney’s services;
4) Can pay in advance for specified, agreed-upon legal services; and
5) Commit to actively communicating and collaborating with their attorneys to understand the legal process and what’s needed of them as a client.

People just like you are matched with Attorneys on Court Buddy every day



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How It Works 

1. Create Your Account.

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2. We Review

We review your profile and verify your account.

3. Get Started

Get matched with paying clients and begin working on their cases.

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What is Court Buddy?

Court Buddy is an online platform that matches clients with attorneys based on the clients' legal needs, the attorneys' expertise and experience, and clients' and attorneys' location. We help attorneys find clients, build and manage client relationships, be that for one legal service or an entire case, improve client communication regarding services and budgets, and we handle billing and facilitate payments for attorneys.

How does Court Buddy work?

Court Buddy matches you to paying clients based on location, area of legal specialty, and services requested. All clients pay an upfront, flat fee for their legal service, which we securely hold in the CB Direct Pay® system. This way, we can ensure that payments will be made to you once the work is completed. Once connected, attorneys and clients can securely communicate through the Court Buddy message board or the CourtBuddy Chat® app. Once the work is complete, the client releases payment directly to you through our CB Direct Pay® system. Our goal is to provide our attorneys with the tools and technology they need to easily build and manage client relationships, improve attorney-client communication regarding services and budgets, and to handle billing and facilitate payments for our attorney members.

Who typically comes to Court Buddy seeking attorneys?

Primarily individuals, families and small business owners: clients who will pay for legal services, but who need to know in advance what the cost will be. These are not pro bono clients, but clients who need legal services to be more affordable, transparent and predictable than the law firm retainer and hourly billing structure allow.

Who are the attorneys typically using Court Buddy?

We find that solo and small firm attorneys are best suited to Court Buddy, because they traditionally work with individuals, families and small business owners as clients, and because they have the flexibility to work with clients utilizing alternative fee models such as fixed rates.

How do I join Court Buddy?

Tell us about your practice: answer some questions that will determine what types of cases you will receive. By selecting the state(s) and counties you want to practice in, we will be able to match you with clients best suited to you. Submit your license number and state bar information: you will be prompted to enter your state bar number and related information. Our onboarding team will then confirm your status as a member of the bar in good standing and with no disciplinary history. Begin accepting cases: you will be alerted via email/push notification when a new case has arrived for you. Make sure to download the CourtBuddy Chat® app to receive notifications instantly!

What do I do if my primary practice area is not listed as available on Court Buddy?

At the moment, Court Buddy is asking attorneys to sign up to offer those services that are the most frequently requested by clients.  We have an Attorney Success team who can help you craft your profile and optimize your possible matches. Please feel free to call us toll-free at 1-866-653-3017.

How do I get notified of potential client matches?

You will be alerted via email/push notification when a new client is available to you. We send you a description of the case and service needed, as well as a questionnaire that the client has completed, so that you are alerted to any pending deadlines and can assess whether you are able and willing to take on the work. If you accept, you will be immediately connected to your new client. Otherwise, we need you to decline, so that we can match the client to another Court Buddy attorney member.

What If I accept a service request but after interviewing the client, realize I cannot help them?

That is not a problem. If after speaking with the client you decide you cannot continue with the case, we ask you to treat the consultation as complimentary and then contact our Attorney Success Team at 415-653-3098. We will work on matching the client with another attorney member who is better able to help them. We will continue to send you service requests when our algorithm finds you new potential clients.

How do I get paid?

Court Buddy collects payments upfront from clients and securely holds the funds in the CB Direct Pay system. This enables us to ensure that payments will be available to you once the work has been done.  Once you have completed a service for a client, you request payment through the CB Direct Paysystem.  The funds are released to you upon the clients confirming your request. Court Buddy's CB Direct Pay system utilizes Stripe, Inc. to ensure secure payment processing.

How Does Court Buddy Make Its Money?

You receive all of your set legal fees for the work you do for clients. Court Buddy makes its money by charging clients an additional, per-transaction service fee (currently, the Court Buddy service fee ranges between 15-20%).

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Still have questions?

Call us toll-free at (866) 653-3017 to speak with a client success specialist today.

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