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What Our Attorneys Are Saying

“I appreciate the format of Court Buddy, as it does an excellent job of matching a prospective client & attorney based on the search criteria. Best of all the info is posted in the match profile, so the attorney has the knowledge & background of the case even before contacting the client.”

- Neil


“I got my first client on Court Buddy. Thanks! So far great experience.”

- Patricia

New York

“Court Buddy's Legal Task/Payment Plan is an effective way for solo practitioners to develop new clients and be assured of payment for the legal services performed. So far, my experience with Court Buddy has been effective in generating income for my law practice. I've been very satisfied with my experience with Court Buddy.”

- Raleigh


“The matches are good clients and the payment system is great for setting up payments and keeping track of payments on a payment plan.”

- Serge


Areas of Law

Divorce, Custody, Domestic Violence

Family Law

Divorce, Custody, Domestic Violence

Felonies, Misdemeanors, Infractions

Criminal Law

Felonies, Misdemeanors, Infractions

Contracts, Intellectual Property, Startups


Contracts, Intellectual Property, Startups

DUIs, Speeding, Parking


DUIs, Speeding, Parking

Injury to Person, Injury to Employee

Personal Injury

Injury to Person, Injury to Employee

Discrimination, Harassment, Termination


Discrimination, Harassment, Termination

Wills, Trusts, Estates

Trusts & Estates

Wills, Trusts, Estates

Bankruptcy, Debt Collection, Defense, Financial Counseling / Bankruptcy

Financial Counseling / Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy, Debt Collection, Defense

Buying, Selling, Foreclosure

Real Estate

Buying, Selling, Foreclosure

Have Questions?

Great, we have answers.

How much does Court Buddy cost for attorneys?

Court Buddy is free for attorneys! Attorneys can also choose a Premium or featured membership plan based on the goals of your law practice.

Does Court Buddy take a percentage of attorney’s fees?

  • No, you receive 100% of your legal fees. Court Buddy does not take a percentage, which means no fee splitting.

  • Court Buddy has a secured payment portal, CB Direct Pay, that allows you to charge for consultations with clients, set up payment plans, and receive your fees for all legal tasks that you complete for your client matches. Court Buddy collects all fees to ensure you get paid in full for services completed without the hassle of invoicing clients.

  • Accepting fees outside of CB Direct Pay is strictly prohibited and will result in the deactivation of your membership, loss of payment protection, and access to clients.

Does Court Buddy protect the privilege and confidentiality of attorney/client communications? Will any of the information I provide to Court Buddy be shared?

All information provided to Court Buddy or shared on Court Buddy's private and secured messaging board remains private and confidential between attorneys and clients. Only you have the option of sharing your information. (Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.)

Is Court Buddy a pre-paid legal service?

No. Unlike pre-paid legal services, which offer insurance and require clients to pay a monthly or annual premium, Court Buddy has no required recurring fees for clients.

Is Court Buddy a lawyer referral service?

No. Court Buddy is an online-based automated instant matchmaking service where clients get matched with attorneys that can handle their potential or pending case, issue, matter or hearing by answering questions, and then soliciting attorney matches and attorney responses.

Does Court Buddy’s matchmaking system constitute improper solicitation under the rules of Professional Responsibility?

  • No improper solicitation occurs and the matchmaking system complies with the ABA Rules of Professional Responsibility.

  • Clients use Court Buddy because they want a simple way to get matched with attorneys based on flat rates and upfront pricing. The clients determine what type of attorneys they need based on their personal preferences. Improper solicitation does not occur because an attorney replies to a client only after the client has been matched and contacted the attorney.

Have any states issued opinions permitting an attorney’s use of online matchmaking services?

  • Yes. Several states have found it permissible for attorneys to use a wholly-automated, online matching service like Court Buddy that matches clients with attorneys based on an algorithm.

  • We also consistently update the Court Buddy matching system to ensure compliance with the ABA Rules of Professional Responsibility, the corresponding state rules and regulations, and then update attorneys utilizing the system accordingly.

  • While we’re confident that our business model aligns with the ABA Rules of Professional Responsibility, we suggest all attorneys do their own due diligence in complying with their own state’s Professional Responsibility Rules as they deem necessary.

Court Buddy's Mission

Court Buddy's Mission

Court Buddy's Mission:

Our mission is to provide solo practitioners and small firm attorneys who aspire to grow their practices and have their own law firms with a platform where they can instantly get clients to generate revenue for themselves and their law firms.

Court Buddy wants to help attorneys better understand, access, and serve the chronically underserved middle-class market for legal services. It’s a sizeable, largely untapped market. There is plenty of room to “do well by doing good.”